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Photo Manipulation
Combine two photos into one
Replace background
Change objects (hair color, etc)
Remove objects or people
“The Disappearing sales force”
Sometimes that perfect photo needs adjustment. Correct color, tone, clarity. Sometimes you need to remove part of the background or a person from the photo. Let me do this for you!
These are the final ID photos used on the company website and other things from that same original picture! Unfortunately, the company downsized and none of the representatives shown work for the company now.
ROKU, FIRESTICK, PC, PHONE, TABLET Handmade Cards & Notary Services
Sample shown below are four people that worked together. The original photo was taken in the corporate office. Little by little, these people all went their own ways. As webmaster of the corporate website, the group photo on the website kept changing as the sales force changed. There are four photos in the slideshow below, all came from the same original photo. Watch for the hair color change at the end.
“The Christmas Card Photo”
Situation: Have two photos that are “almost” it! The first the dog looks best, the second the girl looks best. Solution: Combine into one. This client charged me with combining the photos in a black and white format and trim out the excess so it could be placed into a photo layout for a card. The client chose to send out the final image, made to her specifications. (I particularly like the next to last image).
Click first image and mouseover image to use the arrows to view a slideshow.
digital photo restoration and repair