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>> originating 32808: 01 - 05 Miles: $15.00 06 - 10 Miles: $25.00 11 - 15 Miles: $35.00 16+ Miles: negotiable
Traveling fees: >> originating 34471: 01 - 05 Miles: $15.00 06 - 10 Miles: $25.00 11 - 15 Miles: $35.00 16+ Miles: negotiable
Each Notarization $10 $0.55 processing fee for debit or credit card payment Plus travel fee from Ocala (34471) Travel fee may be waived if notary service is performed while on-site for a tutoring session.
Serving Marion & Lake Counties Cities: Ocala, The Villages, Belleview, Lady Lake and surrounding areas Also servicing for limited time: Orange County, Orlando Florida
Certified Copies
Ocala Mobile Notary
ROKU, FIRESTICK, PC, PHONE, TABLET Handmade Cards & Notary Services
I am not an attorney and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.  I can not complete your forms or notarize incomplete documents.  Signatures being notarized must be made in my presence.            - Samantha Conway “a Web Wench”
The following documents can be photocopied from the original in the presence of the notary.
Notary must actually make the photocopy or supervise another person while photocopy is made. Notary can not just compare the original and copy.
Florida Drivers License Florida Vehicle Title Social Security Card Medical Record Personal Letter Resident Alien Card
Diploma Degree US Passport Bill of Sale Contract Lease
Oath or Affirmation (made in presence of the notary)
PRIVATE. CONFIDENTIAL. CONVENIENT. I’ll meet you at the hospital, nursing home, office, private residence, or other convenient place.
Commission information:
Do you swear (or affirm) that the information contained in this document is true?
Documents containing terms to which the signer is agreeing typically require an acknowledgment like contracts, deeds, agreements, powers of attorney, material certification, lien releases, etc.
Do you understand the document and declare you have signed it voluntarily?
Convenient notary services come to your locationl
Samantha Conway Notary ID: 1227801 Current Commission: HH 2368 Expires: 05/05/2024