What Can I Do For You Today...
Photo Editing & Restoration
Fix scratches and other photo problems Restore/Repair Damaged Image
Missing parts of an image are gone. But through blending and other editing, the image can be improved.
Combine two “almost right” photos into one final image
Adust tone, clarity, improve that “special” photo so it becomes a keepsake.
ROKU, FIRESTICK, PC, PHONE, TABLET Handmade Cards & Notary Services

Let aWebWench help you with printed designs -

Many companies have old logos with no digital vector file which is best for printing. I have made new vector graphics to replace old raster graphics, keeping same design or making modifications to suit!


If you need graphic layouts for your packaging, brochures, newspaper and flyer ads, busness cards and more I can design around your current logo.

Put the torn pieces of a photo back together (scroll down for sample)
Create interesting collages
EXCELLENCE WITH EXCEL Online or offline, my excel spreadsheets fit the need.
Design is not just a web thing!
Do you need employee images that are consistent quality and size for your website but have only a batch of assorted photos of various sizes? I can provide images that fit your needs from the batch you supply.
This is an extreme case that had good results due to the size of the pieces.