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Most of my Excel work is proprietary, and permission has not been sought by me to publicly display whole or partial files.


Demonstration via webaccess/in person can be done with no exchange of files or data.

Time Card: 7 day, 24 hour calc with overtime and sick flag Color Calculation: how much product is needed to fit this required project (choose options for 3 questions, recommendation is shown). Faxable, with pricing Special Blend per unit calculation for pricing, packaging (multi-tone, multi tier pricing, with multiple exceptions) Multi-Location Payment Recap (enter payment amounts, invoice number and the correct branch is identified. Each branch is automatically totaled/balanced for easier input to accounting system. Payment discount calculation for several years based on several payment terms Dot-Matrix pinfeed printer labels from Excel utilizing old equipment in very economical way saving time and effort. Freight Calculation, multi-sheet workbook that - calculates freight weight - totals for hazardous and non-hazardous materials - totals for each shipping class - pallet and piece per unit type (box, bag, etc) totals - pallet rates for several companies (tiered per state) - produces several shipping documents: > Bill of Lading > Commercial Invoice > Shipping Labels > Canadian Customs Invoice > Export summary > Certificate of Origin
Macros to speed routine tasks
Multi-sheet workbooks
Interactive online excel pieces that do not require your visitors to have excel installed.
I make specialty Excel files that fit the needs of the business. They are varied and often unusual. Just a few of the files are:
Interactive Excel Online! Interactive Excel Online!

PROBLEM 1: The webmaster tried to post an interactive Excel spreadsheet online and was told that many of his visitors could not use it. He found out that his visitors were required to have the "Microsoft web components" installed to use the spreadsheet! Other options require visitors to have excel equivalent software.

PROBLEM 2: To make an online interactive calculation form, he needed knowledge of JavaScript or HTML code.

RESOLUTION: The calculation form below is an Excel spreadsheet that I adjusted and converted to HTML so no software is needed by the visitor. (The company I made this for gave permission for me to use it as a sample or in a tutorial.)

Test the form: Change the loan amount, press RECALC
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