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JOIN.ME screen sharing software
ROKU, FIRESTICK, PC, PHONE, TABLET Handmade Cards & Notary Services
Windows laptop/desktop: Click this link: JOIN.ME
SCREEN SHARING SOFTWARE should only be used with KNOWN TRUSTED assist personnel! Many brand used by many scammers that want access to your computer, so do not open that option for them!
Screenshots and notes to help us connect YOUR device with mine so I can assist you without being at your location.
Click the link above to DOWNLOAD the app to your computer o The app will appear at the bottom of your screen (** or in file explorer) You may get a security warning. Click RUN or INSTALL on the notice A shortcut will be put your DESKTOP in your in the Start Menu When instructed, open the app (if not already open) Click the box and input the 1 time use code given to you. Click the GREEN arrow to JOIN MEETING During our connected JOIN.ME session, floating dots in ORANGE or GREEN will be availbable to access features of the program. Swapping screens, sharing the mouse, chatting and even transfering a file without email. ** By the way, if you do not see the file at the bottom of the screen, you can find the file in your file explorer window in the DOWNLOADS folder as seen here. You will need to DOUBLE click if you open the file from here.